From the Lab – The Chemistry Behind Titanium

Have you ever wondered why Titanium is so effective?

Titanium contains a highly-researched combination of 16 raw materials that work in conjunction to produce whiter whites, brighter colors, and longer lasting shirts.

Titanium’s combination of surfactants and three unique enzymes means it is highly effective at a lower pH.  Our blend of enzymes remove a broad range of common stains that would otherwise require additional time and resources on the spotting board.  Soil suspending agents and dye transfer inhibitors aid in maintaining whiteness and eliminating dye crocking.  Soil removal is excellent, requiring little or no pre-treatment of collars or cuffs.

Stain removal with Titanium is superior even at low wash temperatures.  Titanium contains a specialized bleach catalyst that activates the color safe bleach at a lower temperature.  A lower wash temperature not only saves on energy cost, but reduces the risk of shrinkage.

A higher density product means you’ll use less and still get excellent results.  Titanium uses 100% active ingredients, no useless filler, with no additional products required.  One 16 oz. scoop of Titanium is all you need for a 100 lb. washer.  This easy-to-use system reduces operator error and gives consistent results.

You may initially see good results using a lower cost, high pH shirt detergent, but over time you’ll notice the difference: more claims due to fabric damage from loss of tensile strength, higher water and energy cost, and more time spent on the spotting board.  Titanium can save you money and keep customers happy with a formula backed by proven chemistry and decades of research.

Amy Bartlett, Director of Research