Spottin & Specialty

Complimenting our Fabritec brand of detergents are our Stamford® spotting & specialty chemicals. Safe, effective, and economical, these products meet California low-V.O.C. requirements and GHS labelling standards. For more in-depth information on these products, you can visit

Featured Product

SPOL: All Purpose Wet/Dry Spotter (6742)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case

Makes an average spotter a great spotter! A must-have, versatile wet/dry spotter.

SPOL is a fast-acting, safe, general purpose spotter which contains both wet and dry chemicals, and is especially effective in removing ground in collar and cuff soil, latex paint, and certain inks. Since SPOL does not set stains, it is an excellent starting spotter for unidentified spots.

TRIK: Tannin Spotter (6735)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
A safe, effective spotter for tannin stains such as coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, liquor, fruit juices, grass stains and mustard.

PROTEEN: Protein Spotter (6736)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
A fast-acting, quick-rinsing wet side spotting chemical for blood, egg, milk, and all other protein stains derived from animals or humans.

P.O.G.: Liquid Paint, Oil and Grease Remover (6738)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
A fast, effective spot remover for paint, varnish, grease, oil and lipstick. P.O.G. is compatible with all detergent systems and is safe on most fabrics.

SPOT-BUSTER®: Water White Prespotter (6740)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
An outstanding prespotter, penetrant, and wetting agent. Mix with 4 parts water for application by spray or brush or may be used full strength on heavy soil.

L.P.S.: Laundry Prespotter (6743)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
L.P.S. is designed to lift tough ground-in soil and oily stains from washable garments. L.P.S. is particularly effective against shirt cuff and collar stains. Stamford L.P.S. is safe on most fabrics and dyes and will not set stains. It is compatible with all detergent systems. L.P.S. can also be added with the detergent to boost greasy soil removal.

S.S.S.: Silk Spotter (6746)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
A gentle spotting agent specially formulated to remove oily or water soluble stains from fragile fabrics such as silk, rayon, and sheer polyester. S.S.S. may also be used as a leveling agent.

ODEX PLUS: Odor Neutralizer (6770)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case
Eliminates odor from smoke and many other sources such as perspiration, vomit and pets by chemically reacting with the offending odors. ODEX PLUS can eliminate ozone treatment in the restoration process for all but the most severely smoke damaged articles. It can be used in both perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon drycleaning systems, as well as in laundry and wetcleaning systems. GREAT for RESTORATION applications.

B.F.W.T.: Boiler Feed Water Treatment (6790)

1 gallon bottle, 4x1 case, 15 gallon drum
An effective additive which guards against mineral scale, sludge, acidic corrosion, and dissolved oxygen in process steam boilers.