Powdered Laundry Products

Fabritec brand laundry products are uniquely formulated to provide superior cleaning results while saving both water and production time. Fabritec offers a complete line of professional laundry products including our Titanium Shirt & Laundry Detergent, our Safe Sour buffered sour for use with Titanium detergent, and our Preferred Starch finishing agent. All deliver excellent cleaning results at an affordable price.

Featured Product

5911 Titanium Plus Detergent


40lb pail
Titanium Plus detergent is a concentrated detergent with color-safe bleach for use in professional laundry operations. Because Titanium Plus provides outstanding cleaning and finishing results with shirts, it reduces the need for collar and cuff pre-scrubbing.

  • True one-shot formulations
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low alkalinity content
  • Low temperature water requirements
  • Produces spectacular whites and brilliant colors
  • Saves time and water costs

5931 Titanium EXtra Detergent

40lb. pail
Titanium EXtra detergent is a effective laundry detergent specially formulated to produce superior results for areas with hard water or plants without a water softener. Its low alkalinity, low temperature water requirements and simplicity make it economical for cleaners to use.

5900 Zeal

40 lb. box
A concentrated enzyme detergent with color safe bleach for use in professional laundry. Zeal produces superior results while saving water and production time. Featuring a light scent, Zeal is an excellent product for your wash and fold services and will deliver results superior to store-bought detergents.

5932 Safe Sour

40lb. pail
A highly effective, buffered sour designed for use with Titanium Shirt & Laundry Detergent. Yields a safe pH on shirts having acid-pH-sensitive dyestuff and helps preserve fabric life.

5939 Preferred Starch

35lb. box
A premium finishing agent designed to give garments a smooth and pleasing hand. Disperses instantly and penetrates fully leaving no highlights or build-up on fabric when used with Titanium Shirt & Laundry Detergent.