Grease Has a New Enemy!

In the market today, there are a number of blended solvents that claim to have excellent degreasing power. Why invest in a blended solvent when you can customize your grease and tough soil removal with the hydrocarbon system you have now? With Fabritec’s reformulated Boost with Grease Defeat Power, you get a powerful degreaser/emulsifying aid without the hassle, cost, and risk of switching solvents!

You already know Boost is great for tough collars. Now for the times you need that extra degreasing power in the wheel, inject Boost into your cleaning cycle to target tough spots and heavily soiled fabrics. Skip it when cleaning fragile and gentler loads. The flexibility of injecting Boost creates a completely customizable cleaning process unique to your customers’ needs.

Customers are reporting:

  • Up to a 70% reduction in dryside spotting, saving time on the board!
  • Fewer reruns due to tough soil and stains!
  • Brighter whites resulting in happier customers!

Below is a comparison of cleaning results with and without Boost. These heavily soiled gloves were used in a mechanics shop:

Left: Before Cleaning. Middle: Cleaned in Perc. Right: Cleaned in Heated Hydrocarbon with added Fabritec Boost