Fabritec Announces Addition of Pre-Spotter to Stamford Line

Florence, KY—Fabritec International, the makers of Sanitone and Stamford, announced at Clean 2019 in New Orleans the release of a brand-new product for the Stamford line of drycleaning spotters. STRIKE is an all-purpose drycleaning pre-spotter designed for use in all solvents and removes soil, perspiration, grease and other common stains.

“We chose to make STRIKE soy based so we could maintain our standard of environmentally friendliness,” said Amy Bartlett, Director of Research at Fabritec International, adding that the formula is low VOC and biodegradable. “Field tests were highly successful in a range of solvents and pre-orders are already beating projections.”

STRIKE can be applied directly to the soiled area and drycleaned while wet – no brushing or flushing needed. “We always say, let the wheel do the work,” noted Jeff Jordan, Vice President of Business Development at Fabritec. STRIKE flushes freeing in all solvents and can be used as a leveling agent.

Fabritec will begin shipping STRIKE at the end of June and expect distributors to be stocking the product shortly thereafter. For ordering or distributor information, customers can call 1-800-543-0406 or visit www.fabritec.com/stamford.

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